Blogging Challenge Part 1 – Day 11

Definition of Consistency;

Merriam Webster – The quality or fact of staying the same at different times.

Etymology – 1590s, “firmness of matter,”

1828 Dictionary1. A standing together; a being fixed in union, as the parts of a body; that state of a body, in which its component parts remain fixed.

Throughout this challenge, I have had a FEW moments of second guessing. Moments where I allowed my mind to explore the darkness of what is, the everlasting questions that I could focus my attention on. However, I choose, I affirm and confirm, that I am confident, I am sure, I am invincible, and I am in divine alignment with universal abundance.

The reason that I am doing this challenge is because at one point in time, I lacked consistency consistently. With unlimited potential there’s no good reason for me to not speak more than one language fluently. The continued pressure of getting something done, the feeling of success and completion. Communication within myself became an important part of my goals, the times that I second guessed myself are the times no more.

I put that extra effort in. I write extra-ordinary words, seeking a concept that fits just right. The puzzle pieces of symphony orchestrated by automatic firing of my masterful mind computers neurons are attributes of my infinitely expanding genius.

The target of being a well-endowed author is one of multiple streams of everlasting income; it is a target that I aim to hit with 100% accuracy.

7 streams of income from one source, writing can create so much. It can inspire people, it can motivate people, it can inform people, it can become the theme of a movie, it could be the script for a self improvement course.

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Consistency helps in other aspects of life as well. Since I am consistent about my inversion exercises, then I am making it normal for my body to process blood circulatory flow. The more I choose to listen to more positive music and view positive media my mind records that information.

Meditation is a reason for my consistency. The more I focus on sitting, the more my body can relax, the more I focus on breathing, the more my mind clears. The clearer my mind the meditation becomes more for me. It’s the piece of wholeness my 3 love. I just BE.

This is actually one of my favorite moments. Laughing with friends, a hug from my loved ones, that certain joy found when vibing with a song, an inspired idea recorded throughout all timelines. A sense of pride for accomplishing something that I created for myself; for me this is self-love.

Just reflecting on this allows me to see the need for consistency. It’s empowering, I am empowering!

An example of how I can manifest love within myself, I am living the dream that I cultivate good fruit from; and I create wholistic gardens of love daily.

Be consistent, may your positive attributes outweigh any foreseen negatives, you are amazing. Like the mighty tree, never waver. Like the almighty sun, be consistent. Like the Righteous Mother’s Love, love because love loves.

What resonates with you reader? Are you consistent? How and why, or why not?

What calls out to your talents gifts and abilities? How will you become stronger, better, faster stronger?

Hotep, Ankh, Udja Seneb – Selah

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Support my creativity, I am blessed, I am abundant, I am loved, I am healthy, I am a wellness warrior, and I am prospering.

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