Relaxing after Work

Blogging Challenge Part 1 – Day 13

Work can be challenging but I embrace challenges and opportunities.

What’s the best way to relax after work?

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Sometimes after working your 9 to 5 or day job, you can feel drained and depleted. This is especially depending upon the nature of what it is that you do as gainful employment. As a diligently creative alchemist, long-durations of employment at one job are a discomfort to me. Over time, I have become stronger and more capable to stay at one position; thankfully as a man I am maturing and transforming. There is light within these working hours; Ah, silver linings galore!

Knowing that my ancestresses and ancestors have worked so hard, they labored so much to create my life here and now on this day at this moment, in this space and in this time, during this very breath. I give thanks and praises to TMH, for realization for the ALL in ALL of it’s Glorious WAYS.

Relaxation has been something I have done at the wrong times; when family is planning an event, when I need to plan a trip, when others are working, it would seem obvious that this is bad timing for relaxation, and yet these are the spaces and times when it’s possible to find me chillaxin.

A motto that my friends have helped me to live our optimal way is: work hard, play later, or work hard play harder. I am working on balancing this out with work and rest, work hard, give, and then rest. With me having had ample experience (when comparing myself to other hardworking men whom are my family and friends) with rest and relaxation I can share some examples of how I relax.


Throughout the past few years, I have been working towards developing a steady meditation regimen. I personally have seen the tremendous benefits meditation had on me, in combination with good acts, good deeds, guidance and support from trusted friends/family/TMH, and trying to do my best as a human being to flourish. My culture and philosophy is of a balanced and wholistic nature.

Meditation is a topic I will speak about quite often; it is an essential part of my wellness regimen. From the time I began meditating, the practice of, the learning of, I knew it was a part of my highest being.

If you have a hard day, if you have a great day that is simple, if you feel bored, if you think you are hungry, if you are hungry; there are so many various ways that “life” can twist & turn, however when meditating, you are taking time-out from “twist & turns”, an are embracing something else.

According to universal law and free will, I cannot tell you to meditate. I can’t tell you to do anything nor am I qualified to advise you of anything. I am healing moment by moment, with each breath, while awake and while quickening, my healing is wholesome and divinely timed. What I will say however is, it is up to you, to see what will work for you, and if you think these resonate with something you would be interested in for your own growth, then by all means it’s your free choice to choose so or not to!

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Dancing to Music

From older rap songs to random Disney music, to great artist like Kamauu and Burna Boy, dancing to music has been such a great gift from above. The ability to dance is splendid, over time you may notice personal weight loss, muscle gain, and/or other various transformations.

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There are plenty of ways to find relaxation (i’m only giving you a few here), over the next few days I will explore more of these options sharing my own personal experiences. It’s quite possible we will dig into a bit of research about it as well, but do remember it is your free will and free choice to decide what you would like to do with the information found here or not like to do!

Hotep, Ankh, Udja Seneb – Selah

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