I did it: So that you wouldn’t have to

Blogging Challenge Part 1 – Day 1

Ever heard this saying before? This is something I’d like to tell myself, to make myself feel better for some of the choices that I have made which I label as “poor” choices.

In actuality and in full ownership of my actions, I made these decisions because I wanted to. Because of the decisions I made (cause) I have certain traumas to heal from or endure (effect).

It’s a hypocrisy to tell others not to do something that you have done yourself or are doing yourself; In this life I have been a hypocrite and am working on being more genuine especially in my writing. Having this website is deepening my innerstanding of the significance and responsibility that I have as a writer. As Lamittan Minsah writes, “Share love in your writings, because as long as you do so, you are helping make the world a better place. Love is what we can use to change the world.”

What parts of your story do you own? Are you able to remember significant events in your life?

With so much buzz in our daily lives it may prove difficult to find time for yourself. Which is why in the last post I mentioned some relaxation techniques. In today’s post, I am considering the aspect of coming to terms with your own past, so that you can forgive, release, let go, and/or do whatever you need to do to move on.

Take some time to consider these questions, feel free to share and comment, looking forward to our next post!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hotep, Ankh, Udja Seneb – Selah

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3 thoughts on “I did it: So that you wouldn’t have to

  1. Oh my goodness! How could I have missed this? What an honour it is to be mentioned in such an insightful post! I can’t even find enough words to express my gratitude yet. My friend, Moonshine, you’re so full of amazing surprises, dear. I concur with you regarding this. We learn from our past, our mistakes, and to share love with the world is the best reason we live. I’m glad to have you as a friend. 🤝🤗💕


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