Blogging Challenge part 1 – Day 22

Full Moon is near

Lunar fasting is being considered.

Fasting from food? Fasting from swearing? Fasting from technology?

Maybe a lunar fast is similar to what I’ve observed in Lent.

Growing with the cycles of the moon, how mighty is the moon?

I am very curious to uncover more information about the moon.

The moon reflects the light of the sun..

The moon has been said to affect humanities behaviors. The moon has been said to affect plants.

The moon is like a giant magnet that affects water.

How much water is within you?

There’s so much to the moon, and I am excited to learn more about it.

In China the new year is in line with the first full or new moon of the lunar calendar year, or at least that’s from my understanding.

Look at the lunar people, the lunatics, those who like to star gaze and moon gaze.

The moon has been there for as long as the sun.

Sometimes the moon is visible during the day time.

Has the sun been available during the night time?

I am in awe of the moon.

Who is the God of the moon?

The creator is the god of all, but what spiritual force is aligned with the moon?

Is the moon a magnet, what is it made of?

Khonshu, Tehuti, Cynthia, who is the Goddess or God of the moon?

I’m talking to the moon, a song by Bruno Mars I love it.

Albaroosie made the song Moonshine girl.

The Moon amazes me and yet it’s so calming and just inspiring to see.

Much gratitude and much thanks to the celestial forces above, within, below, and without.

Thanks for being here!

Hotep, Ankh, Udja Seneb – Selah

#I Dream #I Cultivate #I Create

Support my creativity, I am blessed, I am abundant, I am loved, I am healthy, I am a wellness warrior, and I am prospering.

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