Surfs up

Blogging challenge part 1 – Day 24

I am a surfer. I navigate through the waves of life’s ebbs and flows. As a surfer it is my duty to honor Mama agua, giving thanks to her infinite libation.

There are many why’s to this desire of mine. Let’s start, shall we?

5 Reasons I plan on surfing

The ocean

Imagine the majesty of the ocean. Vast waters that surround all land masses. The place where sailors and pirates choose to roam freely.

As my elder sister told me, and in my own words; the 🌊 ocean (just as mama Earth) is a living entity, with feelings and emotions. The ocean is alive, it breathes, it knows.

A big fear that I can think about in regards to the deep blue sea is the threat of drowning and shark attacks!

I imagine that as a surfer these fears are conquered. Maybe in the beginning you have your doubts and concerns but just like in basketball it’s a lot easier to make a shot when you are relaxed and focused.

The anxiety or fear of drowning or being overcome by waves of water can be outweighed by the love of being with the ocean.

The ocean knows, there’s mysteries still yet found within those divine waters.

The challenge

As graceful as it may look surfing definitely has its challenges. Now of course this precious statement isn’t from any personal experience surfing, yet when considering the balance you must have the focus, and the courage, the challenge presents itself.

As an indigenous man, growing up I didn’t see people who look like me interested in surfing. The media didn’t show to us the glory of so-called “Black Surfers.”

However upon research and reflect it makes total sense that the first surfers were indigenous people. The first people to swim within the ocean would’ve had the first call towards surfing the waves.

The culture

Surf culture seems so awesome to me. As a young star I imagined surfers using language like surfs up, radical, and narley. Swag surfing became a popular song within my culture, where artist embraced some of these “surfer” terms.

Growing up Disney’s Johnny Tsunami and Nickelodeon’s Rocket Power touched on surfing and I loved it. Michaelangelo from the Ninja Turtles reminds me of a surfer with his speech and mannerisms, his laid back humorous mentality and his hunger for some Za lol.

The surf culture seems very relaxed, as you start to embrace the water. As an indigenous being I am most certain that Islanders from Ayiti (now called Haiti), Jamaica, New Zealand and other lands have embraced this phenomenal art.

The water

Being in the water has potential to cleanse you spiritually. Something about the oceans waters and it’s purifying effects are worth noticing. Anyone who is a frequent beach goer that moves away from the ocean is called back to visit. Who is doing this calling?

Are we experiencing a supernatural event when away from the ocean wanting to get back within it? Or is this a natural experience something that we have lost touch with, a part of ourselves waiting to reunite with us?

The surfboard

What’s not to like about surfboards.

I look forward to more experiences with a surfboard. The board itself looks so smooth and magical. It’s like a well crafted, hand cut tool used to glide on the water that can not only float but can pierce through any turbulence occuring while great waves are forming.

When watching surfers it amazes me how they wait for the tide to rise up and then without hesitation, they catch the mighty wave.

There’s something about surfing that I admire, I am excited for the days ahead when I surf.

Thanks for coming by, what’s a sport or activity that you would like to try? Have you considered surfing? Share your experiences or thoughts.

Until next time, surfs up yo!

Hotep, Ankh, Udja Seneb – Selah

#I Dream #I Cultivate #I Create

Support my creativity, I am blessed, I am abundant, I am loved, I am healthy, I am a wellness warrior, and I am prospering.

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