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For those of you whom have Netflix, I recently binge watched the series, Sneakerheads and it was a good time. Check out the trailer below:

For those not aware of the Sneakerhead culture, when it comes to new Nike releases, preserving older/classic or even perhaps retro Jordan’s, this is what it is all about.

Photo by JD Danny on

Having experience working for Nike, I had the opportunity to see just how much people love sneakers. There are people who have literally tens and possibly hundreds of pairs of shoes, which means they may have paid between $50 – $500 USD per shoe (sometimes more) just to get new releases of limited stock/quantity tennis shoes.


You don’t ever have to believe me!

Here’s an article about some Sneaks, that retail at $1,000?

Now to me personally, This is MADNESS; but it’s a part of the culture. The shoes are fly, they look good, and to these sneakerheads, it probably feels really good to have the freshest gear that the market has.

Now if you were to ask me, “Hey Moon, do sneakerheads wear there nike release collectables?” I’d say, maybe some do and maybe some don’t.

“Hey Moon, do people really buy sneakers that cost over $500?” I’d say, of course they do. Especially in this consumer market, if there’s something that can be bought and if people have the money to buy it then….well…

“Hey Moon, I’ve heard stories of people who don’t wear the same pair of shoes more than once, is this real, or is it a flex?” I’d say, Either way, it’s not my forte. As Black Sheep, says in one of their songs, The Choice is Yours.

Back to the show:

In the Sneakerheads you get a glimpse of what it is like to be a sneakerhead. Now due to lack of personal experience as a sneakerhead, I cannot attest to how much of what you can see in the show is accurate. However, what I can say is the show was entertaining for me. The actors were humorous, and the theme of friendship, dream-chasing, and adventure, all with a lighthearted upbeat sort of vibe matched my taste.

The “squad” showed you a story of trials and tribulations, and the show from beginning to end had me hooked like a fish, and I didn’t mind being the bait. I chose to watch it finally, and it was about time.

So for anyone looking for some lighthearted laughter, fast talking, hustling, hip-hop culture rich television/entertainment. Maybe, you can check it out, or not, it’s up to you!

Trigun - LOVE&PEACE!! - YouTube

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