Hill Harper – A letter to a Young Brother

Blogging challenge part 1 – Day 28

Sounds for today’s post

Here is today’s material that we will be reviewing:

During this speech when Hill Harper shared the stories about Sean Combs and Kanye West; were the first time I have heard that.

Kanye West’s mom (may she be blessed and empowered) is a college educated woman whose genetics and knowledge were passed on to her genius son.

Sean combs worked hard and worked for free to gain knowledge and experience. This is before the Diddy, Puff Daddy, and etc . From this story it sounds like he put in some work to achieve his level.

Youth, this is key to consider. Sometimes it’s know that you know but is who you know. My elder brother mentor tells me that all the time.

Another key is that, you have to put in work, greatness happens with applied effort.

There’s a powerful speech by Will Smith about this. “The only difference between me and the next person, is that I’m not afraid to die on the treadmill.”

POWERFULL. Bless up 🙏🏿 🕊️

What are your thoughts?

As the New Improved Model, do you find value in what Mr. Hill was sharing?

To my young brothers whom have never had an indigenous/black/brown/afrikan man from their culture and ethnic group, tell them that they are loved, I love you.

Black Boy Be You!: Martin, Latoshia, Das, Abira: 9798677846243: Amazon.com:  Books

Hotep, Ankh, Udja Seneb – Selah

#I Dream #I Cultivate #I Create

Support my creativity, I am blessed, I am abundant, I am loved, I am healthy, I am a wellness warrior, and I am prospering.

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