Turn Up Charlie: Show Review

Blogging Challenge part 1 – Day 29

Spoiler Alert!

Turn Up Charlie = A Modern-Day Othello

Turn Up Charlie (TV Series 2019) - IMDb

Let’s hop right into it. First and foremost much props to the cast. Idris Elba did wonderfully in this show creating, Djing, acting, and more. This show was splendid, as it has certain quirkiness to it.

Idris stars as Charlie, a DJ who is trying to get back to the top of his game. Charlie is honest (besides when he lies to his parents) and straightforward (which attracts his later love Astrid)

Charlie, spends time with his friend Franky and his Auntie Lydia, whom he lives with. The story is great, there’s so much twist within the story and I started to guess what would happen next. Is Charlie really going to sleep with his mates, wife? Well, she’s not happy so maybe he will become Gabrielle’s step-father.

Fortunately, I was…..well I’ll save that for you to find out later!

A beautiful part of this story is that the young actor grew and learned under the guidance of Idris. This is something that happened in “real” life. He/she (Frankie Hervey) shares his experience working under the guidance of Idris in this article.

Frankie Hervey Turn Up Charlie


Each episode of Turn Up Charlie had something special to it. Each episode captivates you, makes you want to laugh, and there is some emotional effect to it as well. If you so choose, check it out, I was not dissapointed. Bravo Idris and team!

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