Blogging challenge part 1 – Day 25 – repost with audio file

Here’s to the dentist, that beautifies smiles.

Here’s to the scholars that take knowledge to it’s next mile.

Here’s to the explorers, who discover, and find. Those that traverse throughout space and time.

Here’s to you all, you all have a purpose and a special cheers to the Joker.

The joker jester, has much work to do.

Invoking laughter is psychologically effective.

Invoking laughter enables others to lighten their hearts and ease their minds.

What is the science behind laughter?

According to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, there a major implications to the effectiveness of laughter, even in the circumstances of laughing without any present humor.

“Currently, research is indicating that the physical act of laughing, even without humor, is linked to chemical changes in the body that potentially reduce stress and increase pain tolerance.” Dexter Louie, BA, Karolina Brook, MD, and Elizabeth Frates, MD

Research suggests that laughter mentally allows for stress relief, has energizing effects, and more.

In an experiment with 74 student participants, researchers examined and recorded the effects of laughter before a tedious unwinnable task.

Here is some information from that study found on the Association for Psychological Science website:

“Students who watched the humorous “Mr. Bean” video clip ended up spending significantly more time working on the task, making twice as many predictions as the other two groups.”

Have you ever laughed out of nowhere, breaking into hysterical laughter?

Let’s try something:

The next time something or someone makes you laugh, try to take note of it. If you are able-bodied, write down this memory/journal it ✍🏿. If not able bodied see if someone can record your thoughts for you.

1. What do you notice in your body? Are you tense, are you relaxed, how do you feel?

2. What are you thinking, are you thinking about something stressful, are you thinking about work, are you thinking about family, is your mind clear? Are you thinking about the funny thing? What are YOU thinking?

3. What else do you notice? Had your environment changed? Compare your mind state before laughing and after laughing.

It would be interesting 🤔 for yourself and for others to share your thoughts and experiences so that we can dive deeper into this science of laughter.

Laughter is medicine for the soul.

Have you heard this expression before? How true is this? I’m not certain whether or not we aren’t able to measure the soul’s health with what’s known today as “Western” scientific methods.

With laughter, amongst friends or alone, it’s like magic to me. But that’s my opinion, what’s your opinion?

Thanks for experiencing Dream Cultivate Create.

Hotep, Ankh, Udja Seneb – Selah

#I Dream #I Cultivate #I Create

Support my creativity, I am blessed, I am abundant, I am loved, I am healthy, I am a wellness warrior, and I am prospering.

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