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Dr. Paul Goss (abundant peace, love, and power ancestor), is a humble, clear-speaking, straightforward, and gentle elder. I appreciate him very much for what he is doing within the health community especially that of the people labeled as “black” and “hispanic”, which in mainstream media is referring to now as People of Color or Latin X, but I will refer to the brown/black complected people as indigenous.

Some of his Background

In this rural setting he received the basis for an international education.  Not in the poorly funded segregated school, but from two of his neighborhood’s African elders.  Mitchell, known as the “Root Doctor” and Ms. Bellamy, known to some as “The Herb Lady”.  They were the local “root workers”.  They knew the healing value of herbs and plants and how to prepare them as cures.  Dr. Goss’s interest in holistic cures began when they recognized his potential and began instructing him in ancient cures that were passed on to them in much the same way.

New Body Products!!!!

The above link is a direct copy from New Body Products, Dr. Paul Goss’s line of holistic, organic, and natural herbs. Dr. Goss has created masterful blends such as the CKLS – Colon, Kidney, Liver, Spleen which contains: Aloe Vera Resin * Chamomile * Cascara Sagarda * Chaparral * Mullein * Uva Ursi * Fenugreek * Cayenne * Dandelion * Eucalyptus.

This and many other Paul Goss products have helped heal and treat people of my culture for quite some time now.

One of his written masterpieces:

Rebirth of Gods Book by Dr. Paul Goss

As far as I know Dr. Goss has written three books, “The Natural Way”, “Forever Young”, and “ReBirth of Gods” .

In these books which I own all three and have read all three, Dr. Goss provides ample information about herbs, ailments, and the ways to treat these diseases holistically.

Dr. Goss has a very informative speech in which he touches on various topics such as the colon, hair texture and body odor, and much more, be sure to check it out!

Dr. Paul Goss Speaks on Health (Full lecture) - YouTube

Get ready for information!

I will try to invest in this company, hopefully you can too!

Much love to Baba Goss and the Goss Corporation =D

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