One of the main and easily detectable issues with this is that children are provided with a temporary sense of egoism, in which they believe everything is theirs and that sharing starts with others and not with themselves.

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Thinking thoughts

Writers block Mental keys unlock Mind open up Free up mental locks My mind races through retrograde motions But how to get it in docs? The journey to a thousand miles starts with a single step. Completion ~ Peace

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Nintendo 64

Gaming brought us together Social media took us apart Sports developed compadre Politics and religion fostered war Not all are affected by society But all are effected by their environment Poisons in the air, water polluted Lack of nutrients in food In what direction are we going? My friend try to ascend. Accountability is what […]

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Poem of Tha Day – Fasting

What is it about abstaining that makes us grow so much? When we abstain from sex, we can increase our mental connection with others or ourselves.. When we abstain from watching too much TV, we can do the same. When we abstain from drinking soda and fast food, we are able to feel more healthy […]

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Short Story – The Alligator

An alligator was strutting across a rocky path. The path is covered by an archway of leaves. These leaves belong to tall trees of various species, of which one is the palm tree. Look at the alligator go, walking and strutting, or is it simply walking with no strut? Do alligators strut, walk, or wiggle? […]

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