Wacky Wednesday

Blogging Challenge Part 1 – Day 5 So why did I choose Wacky Wednesday for today’s title? On first thought, it was just something I’ve heard as a kid and it goes with Wednesday. You know…Alliteration and such. When I started writing this it was on Tuesday, for Wednesday, but i’m releasing this one on […]

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MacBook Issues

Blogging Challenge Part 1 – Day 4 Looks like I cracked my MacBook pro. This was not the best moment. While using my computer, I saw the need to adjust the screen. My fingers were touching the bottom right corner of the mac screen and guess what happened: Maybe I should have a case lol, […]

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Queen Nanny

Blogging Challenge Part 1 – Day 3 What’s up everyone!? I trust all has been going well for you, recently I read up on Queen Nanny and what she did for our people. Our true stories as Indigenous Beings of the Divine Mother Earth or Heart (who is known by many names) are so inspiring. […]

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