Hi everyone, thank you very much for stopping by Dream Cultivate Create.

I am Moonshine, the creator of DCC and I am learning how to love unconditionally. D.C.C. aims to empower youth through storytelling and personal experience. D.C.C. focuses on personal experience, so that the audience will be able to relate to the author. D.C.C. focuses on minority youth and young adults, whereas I being the creator stem from this demographic. One day, DCC will become a mega platform for youth to practice public speaking, poetry, debates, and storytelling while addressing health and.

Each and everyday, I want to work on becoming a more accountable, kind, caring, loving, and honest human being. I am a human who is living with depression, post traumatic stress injuries, narcism, and is learning to take it a day at at time.

I practice genuine gratitude, loyalty, and honor, on my journey to forgiving myself for past karmic actions and trying to do more good in the world. I have a goal set on self-acceptance and attaining inner peace like how I first came to this world as a sperm inside my father.

Enjoy the free material that you find on this page, in the future look out for some of my published work!

The following is one of my favorite poems, I found it by examining Jack Sparrow’s tattoos (Pirate’s of the Carribean reference).

I welcome you to check the arrowed tab labeled Poetry, to view a few different poems that I have created.

More poetry can be found by searching through the homepage.

Note from our CEO: Writing poetry is therapy for my mind. I haven’t written honestly for so long. When you write it’s like creating your own world, there’s no judgements besides our own disingenuousness. If you suffer from manic depression, boredom, low energy, cloudy thoughts, and etc. maybe you can write a little bit of good ol poetry. Peace – Buddha Moon

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