A Prayer to My Creator

Creator, I ask that you guide us, for we do not know which way to go. I feel so angry and for the reasons some I know. I should glow with light and be a shining example, Sometimes it seems so strange living this way. It hurts me to see what is happening, teach me […]

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Poem of Tha Day (Struggle)

To struggle Struggling seems to be a real part of life When viewing what we encounter We often miss what we could have learned from The struggle is real! But is it neccessary? Why must we fight to live? Are we just pro-longing or delaying our death? What is the purpose of being alive, if […]

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Greetings Poem

Hello world, It has been a while, I trust the times having held you down For me, personally, it leads me to think revolutionary For, at what point will things change? At least, we are alive But a life of bondage and captivity is hardly braggadocious Yes indeed these are the days of our lives […]

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Poem of Tha Day

What if this is death and life is awaiting us? Should you rush to die?

Are the rules of life the rules of death as well? Can you have life without death or death without life?

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