“Students who watched the humorous “Mr. Bean” video clip ended up spending significantly more time working on the task, making twice as many predictions as the other two groups.”

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Turn Up Charlie: Show Review

Blogging Challenge part 1 – Day 29 Spoiler Alert! Turn Up Charlie = A Modern-Day Othello Let’s hop right into it. First and foremost much props to the cast. Idris Elba did wonderfully in this show creating, Djing, acting, and more. This show was splendid, as it has certain quirkiness to it. Idris stars as […]

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HEALTHY CHOCOLATE COOKIES: delicious, gluten free, paleo recipe

The Secret to 8-Hour Energy We experience a whole host of symptoms when blood glucose levels are too low. They include fatigue, poor concentration, irritability, nervousness, depression, sweating, headaches, and digestive problems. Keeping the blood sugar balanced is probably the most important factor in maintaining even energy levels and a constant weight. How Sweet […] […]

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Personal Positive Affirmations

I am at peace, I am enough. I live authentically and abundantly. I breathe in the light of life and walk with an open heart. I am generous, my fire burns brilliantly and inspires growth in myself and others around me. I am gentle and forgiving with myself. I trust in the universe, the universe […]

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