Poem of the Day

A lizard was running Hewas mighty quick Never have I seen An event like this Lizard snatched up something Some sort of insect The buggy was struggling But the struggled proved fruitless Lizard had buggy in his jaw While another lizard was on the trail So Lizard the Masterful Hunter Escaped to his own prevail […]

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Attention: Florida Residents

To anyone in need of medical face masks for themselves or their families, feel free to contact me via email. I have contacts for medical face masks directly from factories overseas, and will be creating a mass order for those in need or want of face masks. On April 1st, we will finalize all the […]

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From a small seed Growing into a seedling 🌱 Baby sunflower is amazing In all things we should remember Nature has the answer Surrender Don’t give into the fear Don’t give into the chaos Don’t feed the machine Be like nature Always consistent Mucho Amore para siempre

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