One of the main and easily detectable issues with this is that children are provided with a temporary sense of egoism, in which they believe everything is theirs and that sharing starts with others and not with themselves.

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Fire Water

It was something taken long ago. Provided to our ancestors from a people whom we do not agree with. This issa tale wortth being told. Over the internet we find, stories of fire water, that transform the mind. Fire water is spicy, it packs a punch. While water is smooth. We didn’t want any of […]

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Liberty University has no Liberty!

Wowwwww! I know this title is a bit long, but I actually keep getting into more and more information to research and share, so hopefully the long title doesn’t scare anyone away!!! – note I will change the title If you would prefer to skip the history about Liberty University’s and it’s bigot Founder Bloodline, […]

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