each Day

On Sunday, I rise up knowing and saying that it will be a great day. I claim all that is unconditional love and positivity. My life and my light are mine to share, a gift from our universal creator, my birthright. It is not always a pleasant experience, yet this journey I am grateful for. […]

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Words – Poem of Tha Day

Although it has been heard that words carry the power of swords. We use many words on each day. Like magical spells we usher in reality, Truly is the noble wizard wise. If words have power then it makes sense, to use words that spark abundance. Inspiration, glorious, admire, motivational, love, abundance, and willpower. Vs. […]

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Poetry – Gifts

Most gifts that I would like to receive, I already have. Most of life is a gift. The more present I am, the more at home I am within. The gift of life do not I remember asking for. But I have it nevertheless.. Life is full of gifts, at this present moment I am […]

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