For you – Poem of Tha Day

On a rainy afternoon, when the birds seek shelter. Dark clouds fill the sky. Two, three, four flashes of lightning strike. Heavens thunderous canons boom. Turn down the lights, unplug from  electrical outlets. Family comes together to witness the phenomenon. How mighty is the sky? To be so large and so graceful mother sky sure […]

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Fire Water

It was something taken long ago. Provided to our ancestors from a people whom we do not agree with. This issa tale wortth being told. Over the internet we find, stories of fire water, that transform the mind. Fire water is spicy, it packs a punch. While water is smooth. We didn’t want any of […]

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Short Story – School Daze

Warning: This posts contains some explicit language, readers be advised, and enjoy it! Rated PG 13 (for some profanity, gritty) Charles awoke suddenly due to the radiating sunlight which was beaming into his face. Slowly, but surely, this light was prying his eyes open, but he was still very tired and wanted it to be […]

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